Do You Need To Hit Your Reset Button?

Life is stressful and we fill our schedules to the max.  Because we are so busy, a lot of other things are neglected: proper exercise, rest, recreation and probably the most neglected is proper nutrition. 

Our bodies need at least seven hours of sleep each night to recharge and repair from a day’s activities.  Sleep plays an important role in our physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of our heart and blood vessels.  Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. 

Sleep deficiency also increases the risk of obesity. When we rest our bodies they may be asleep, but a lot is going on to restore and repair. Also, rest allows the body to restore energy that has been expended from the day to day work. In addition to that, rest revitalizes all the systems in the body to maintain the body’s optimum level of functioning and to prevent the body from wearing out due to too much activity. It is with rest that life is balanced.  

So, how can we know if we are getting enough rest?  As a general rule, if you wake up tired and spend the day longing for a chance to have a nap, it’s likely that you’re not getting enough sleep. A variety of factors can cause poor sleep, including health conditions such as sleep apnea, but in most cases it’s a matter of bad sleeping habits.

As mentioned before, in addition to adequate sleep, proper nutrition is probably neglected the most.  In our busy lives, it is difficult to find the time to shop for, prepare and eat a healthy diet.  A diet rich in whole foods with little processing is best for our bodies, but it takes a lot of time to prepare.  We find it much easier and much faster to go through a drive-through or open a box of prepared food to eat, one that is full of chemicals and preservatives.

Variety is very important to get all the nutrients that the body needs to perform its daily functions correctly, as different foods contains different vitamins and minerals.  The correct amount of food to fuel you body, but not lead to undesirable weight gain is also important, as is a diet that limits foods containing substances or nutrients known to be unhealthy.

Poor nutrition can have serious health consequences for all types of people; however, symptoms may not always be obvious.  Those particularly at risk are the elderly, those with medical conditions that affect the appetite and even those following a strict diet that eliminates key food groups.  Anyone who follows a poorly nutritious diet will eventually show adverse effects.  

It is common that people with poor nutritional intake are often more susceptible to viruses and infections, as their body lacks the energy and nutrients needed to feed the immune system and fight disease.  These people may seem to constantly have a cold or the flu and rarely appear to be completely healthy.  Sometimes it is possible to see physical effects of a poor diet.  These could be things like flaky, dry skin, lifeless, thin hair, cracked nails, diarrhea or constipation, poor oral health and poor wound healing.  In severe cases, infertility and lack of menstruation in women may result.  

It is possible to hit the reset button as far as nutrition goes.  One very effective way to do so is through a cleanse detox.  In many cultures and societies, an annual good detox cleanse for the body is a yearly ritual, allowing the body to recover and replenish itself from within. Eliminating toxins helps guard against disease, and it assists in obtaining optimum health and vitality. 

So, what is a good detox cleanse for the body? The first step is to stop consuming all toxins such as alcohol, coffee, refined fats, sugars and cigarettes. The major organs, especially the liver, kidneys, lymph, lungs and skin will all get a rest from processing these substances and this will help cleanse the blood. Stress won’t help, so try to learn coping skills to decrease stress as much as possible as well.

There are a variety of detox plans that consist of many different ways to detox.  Some require a liquid fast for a few days and then slowly build up a diet of lots of super-healthy food and supplements to refuel before a return to a post-detox lifestyle.  These restrictions are often too ridged and hard to follow.  Many people fail early on.  

A very effective detox/cleanse that our office recommends is supplied by a company that we have found to have superior products for health and nutrition.  Standard Process has whole food nutrient solutions and is a trusted company that has quality products.  Their product for cleansing the body uses what is called a Purification Kit.  Their 21 day purification program helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out. 

This program gives you a structured plan for purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The purification kit supports your major organ systems with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients found in whole foods.  When you’ve completed the 21-day program, you’ll be amazed at how good you find yourself feeling.  You’ll learn how to transition to a new, healthful way of eating that will continue your journey toward a clearer, brighter, lighter way of life now and in the years ahead.  It also helps you reset your body. 

The kit includes a protein powder that is highly nutritious and supports intestinal, muscular, and immune system health and comes in three flavors: plain, chocolate and vanilla.  The protein powder promotes antioxidant activity and supports the body’s normal toxin-elimination function.  For the first 7 days you will drink up to 3 protein shakes a day with as much fruits and vegetables as you want.  You will also take SP Cleanse capsules three times a day and add fiber powder to your shakes.  On days 8 to 21 you will continue with 2-3 shakes daily with fiber powder, fruits and vegetables and will take SP Green Food capsules twice a day.   On day 11 you can add 2-4 servings a day of lean protein.  They recommend that 1-2 of those serving be fish. 

It is important to drink lots of water, as this is a crucial component in flushing out the toxins. Green tea is also good.  This program is relatively easy because you eat nutritious food every day.  Snacking on vegetables and fruits is allowed anytime you are hungry.  The kit comes with a booklet that gives you complete instructions and also has a lot of healthy tips and recipes.  If you have any questions about the purification kit, we would be happy to discuss them with you.  

Epsom salt baths are ideal for a detox program, as is use of a sauna. Body waste is eliminated through the sweat glands. Exercise and rest are of equal benefit. An hour’s brisk exercise each day is suggested, but make sure you allow time to lie down and relax afterwards.

Deep breathing is another way you can help your body to detoxify. The more the oxygen can circulate throughout your entire system, the better the result.

So if you struggle with sluggishness, feel tired/drained, tense, depressed, dizzy, unfocused, nervous, have itchy skin, rashes, acne, flu-like symptoms, headaches, aching joints, feel gassy, bloated, have allergic reactions or constipation, it may benefit you to reset your system.  Get yourself back to your “New Normal”.

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