What Is The Gonstead Difference?

Dr. Vanderbilt exclusively utilizes the Gonstead method known as the gold standard for hands on adjusting.  This method focuses on being as specific as possible with both the evaluation and the adjustment of a patient, producing the quickest and longest lasing results among chiropractic.  Dr. Vanderbilt will give you a thorough evaluation including a detailed history, instrumentation, static palpation, motion palpation, and most often on the first visit full spine x-rays will be taken in the standing, weight bearing position.  Necessity of x-rays is determined during the functional examination.  Please share this information with friends and family who may be looking to see a chiropractor.  It gives a good understanding of what they can expect on their first visit to our office.

The Gonstead method is administered using a very specific hands-on adjustment.  The Gonstead practitioner uses their hands as an adjusting tool to gain a better sense of how the patient is relaxing and to control the direction and amplitude of the adjustment.  No mechanical instrument can match the sensitivity of feel or timing of an applied force from a skilled chiropractor’s hands.

The goal of the Gonstead practitioner is to “do the least to achieve the most”.  That is to say, the least amount of segments to be adjusted with the least amount of force the least amount of times.  This is case specific to each patient.  The Gonstead chiropractor does not treat a patient with a manipulative procedure of twisting the neck and lower back from both the right and the left and the middle back from top to bottom.

Every patient is a unique case with specific injuries and must not be given the same course of adjustments.  The Gonstead chiropractor believes that chiropractic care needs to be specific.  This is why a thorough evaluation must be performed every visit and why a pre-determined number of visits (i.e. 3 times per week for 4 weeks) is NOT individualized care.  The Gonstead doctor will space out your visits to allow your body proper healing time between adjustments.

Mission statement for a Gonstead Chiropractor:  locating and correcting vertebral subluxations for the improvement of nerve function.  A Gonstead chiropractor utilizes his unique and refined art of skeletal analysis to detect any harmful misalignments and then specifically corrects the misalignment.  When proper nerve function is restored, pain disappears, headaches are gone, stomach and intestinal problems are healed…optimal health is achieved.  

Some reasons our patients see us for Chiropractic Care: wellness, TMJ, bed wetting, auto accidents, headaches, numbness or tingling, worker’s compensation, back pain, menstrual cramps, pregnancy, Scoliosis, sinus infections, ear infections, allergies.

Gonstead Difference