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Getting Results

Most of our patients begin to notice results within the first 2-3 adjustments. Our specific and gentle adjustment relieves nerve pressure allowing your body to begin healing and promotes innate wellness. The Gonstead technique is a specific adjustment to only the affected areas and does not use twisting or rotation to correct the affected areas. It is gentle enough for kids (they love us), yet it is able to restore function and movement for the athlete and senior.

Chiropractic adjustments are individualized and specific. Future appointments are not pre-determined (i.e. 3 times per week for 12 weeks). Through careful evaluation each visit we will space out your visits to allow the body proper healing time. After your initial 2-3 visits Dr. Vanderbilt will have a better idea of how your body is responding to adjustments and will recommend future appointments accordingly. Just like your regular workout at a gym, each visit builds on the ones before so it is crucial to keep your next appointment.  If you are a wellness patient looking to achieve optimal health Dr. Brian recommends monthly to quarterly spinal checks depending on your lifestyle.

There are different individual factors that impact healing time and may include:

  • Emotional stress
  • Nutrition
  • Duration of injury or symptoms
  • Level of spinal degeneration
Gonstead Difference