December Newsletter- Nutrition for the holidays

Nutrition for the Holidays

As we approach the holiday season, one of the things that everyone always looks forward to is the food. There are huge family dinners, a vast array of desserts, and sometimes even more candy than Halloween. How can you stay healthy and on track during this holiday season when there are so many scrumptious foods to choose from? Luckily for you, we’re divulging a few secrets that will help you curb your cravings and be on your way to a healthy holiday!

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December Newsletter- Winter Slips and Falls

Winter Slips and Falls

With winter just over the horizon, we’re quickly approaching the time of year when falls and slips are imminent. The older we get, it seems like the less balance and coordination we have, and blaming old age is an easy way to not do anything about it. However, it’s important to remember that as a child, you were playing balance beam on anything that even resembled a beam, jumping around, and constantly moving your body. As we enter into adulthood, a lot of the things we did as children are seen as taboo. In the work office, you don’t look around and see people trying to balance on chairs or jumping from tile to tile as if the floor was made of lava. These activities were key to training the systems responsible for balance and motion sickness. If we don’t incorporate this training into daily life, then we are going to have to set aside a few minutes a day to exercise our balance systems.

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November Newsletter

“Adjusting” Your Stress Levels

One of the things that can be most detrimental to your health is too much stress. Stress can range from many different things including having to meet new people or not getting enough sleep to undergoing a medical procedure or being in a traumatic accident. Some stress is good, such as the adrenaline rush you get right before a big game. It keeps you focused and active during the game, and once the game is over, the stress goes away. However, chronic stress is much more common in today’s society of overworked, under-active, and poorly fed people. This kind of stress is harder to turn off. So how can chiropractic help with stress?

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October Newsletter

“Beware of your B9”

B9 is essential for proper nervous system growth, energy levels, and to help prevent heart disease. Since the highest concentration of B9 is found in leafy green vegetables, many people are deficient in this crucial vitamin. To counteract this deficiency, folic acid (the synthetic form of B9) is being placed into fortified foods and also given to many people in supplemental form. While the chemical companies tried to make their synthetic form perfect, and they tell us that the two are equal, B9 and folic acid are NOT the same thing. Actually, the small difference between them can cause folic acid to be quite dangerous to your health.

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