What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is…..

Chiropractors not only do spinal adjustments to restore proper alignment which restores nerve supply to the body, but they are also a wealth of information on many subjects which can help us achieve or stay healthy. Quality vitamin and mineral supplements are good to help fight infections and boost our immunity.
Our foods are processed to the point where they no longer offer the nutritional value they once did. From the planting of the seed to the harvesting of the plant the growing process has been modified and diminishes the end products value to our bodies. Nutrition is a key factor to our over all good health. Our world is full of different types of whole foods which we have never tried or even heard of. It’s good to challenge ourselves to try new whole foods. Many have healthful properties if prepared keeping your health in mind.
We have an epidemic of diseases that attack our bodies and are directly caused by what we eat. This is alarming because rather than make diet and lifestyle changes that heal our bodies from the inside out we are quick to take pills that don’t cure these conditions but only maintain them. Medication has many unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects.   If a person diagnosed with high cholesterol stop eating processed foods and followed a whole food diet adding daily fish oil and exercise, they most likely would see this condition greatly improve.  This is a much better remedy than taking Statin drugs which are usually prescribed.  The risk of very serious side effects are muscle pain, liver damage, kidney failure and even death.
Don’t think of your chiropractor as a physician who only deals with spinal misalignments, think of them as someone who has a wealth of knowledge and information to help you heal your body and is only too happy to share his knowledge with you and your family.  We always welcome your questions and are glad to offer information that enhances your life.

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