Chiropractic in the Work Place

How many hours do you spend sitting at your desk on the phone or on the computer? With new technologies, our computers have become our digital world, but we have stopped moving. Investing in a standing desk can help reduce the risk of back pain, heart disease, heart attack, obesity, diabetes, and more.
The most common standing desk is an adjustable desk that lowers to a sitting position and to a standing position. Along with the desk, there is normally a stool with a backing that can also be adjusted. When in the standing position, its been reported that ones feet can get tired or that there is too much pressure on the feet, but this can easily be resolved by investing in good, supportive shoes or a foam pad normally used in kitchens to stand at the sink. Another great feature of the standing desk is that the screen can be adjusted to assure that the neck is in a comfortable position.  If you suffer from back or neck pain from too much sitting while working, talk to your human resource department and see if your company allows standing desks.  We are able to give a note stating  medical necessity if your employer requires this.

If your office does not offer the standing desk, here are some other options. Lumbar supports can be purchased to help support the lower back and help sustain better posture when seated.
There are many different types of supports some which can be more shallow or deeper than others. These can also be used in cars when driving to help with a long commute in traffic. Another helpful tool at your desk would be an ergonomic key board that has supportive pads to support your wrists when typing. There are also mouse pads with a raised and padded area that supports your wrist.

Staying active in the work place is also a great idea. We recommend taking advantage of work gyms to stay active during the day. If your work place does not have a gym or recreation center, try walking around the office during a lunch break whether it’s inside or outside the office building. It is definitely recommended that one gets up from their desk every 45 minutes to stretch and walk around to aid circulation.

Work stations are critical for daily productivity. Keeping cool water within reach is a definite must. It’s not a bad idea to keep a healthy snacks available. Keeping a clean work station is also a plus. Making sure to keep everything you use regularly near by so you don’t have to reach over every time you need a stapler. Many office jobs require making phone calls that can last hours, but holding the phone up to our head is not always the most comfortable thing to do. Investing in a Bluetooth headset can be very beneficial in the work place and also on car rides home or to the office.

A comfortable work place is beneficial to both employees and employers.  If your work station is not designed for comfort and ergonomically sound it can hinder performance.  Time missed from work due to aches and pain can be lessened if not eliminated.  Just a few simple modifications is all it takes to keep everyone happy and feeling good.  In addition to these modifications we would suggest seeing your chiropractor regularly to keep your spine in good alignment.

Emergencies happen, but can they be avoided.  Most of the time YES.

We often receive calls from patients that are in severe pain from just doing their daily tasks.  Bending over to empty the trash can, lifting a large suitcase into the back of their car, just sitting down into their car seat, getting out of bed and twisting wrong or taking their dog on a walk and the pup is pulling on the leash.   These are real injuries that cause real pain but they don’t have to.  If people would just think of chiropractic care proactively.  When we receive these calls we do our best to see you as soon as possible. We know you’re in pain and getting quick relief is most important at that moment.  Our schedule usually allows us to accommodate your needs.  Usually these injuries happen to those patients we don’t see regularly.   Regular (usually quarterly) chiropractic adjustments helps your body move the way you need it to.  Correct spinal alignment prevent nerve interference.  In addition, every system in our body works optimally when the nervous system is correctly functioning.  When the spine is misaligned the slightest movement can cause pain and interfere with your activities.

We can’t emphasize enough that it is to your benefit to see us before you are having pain.  Pain can be avoided when you receive chiropractic adjustments to keep your spinal alignment instead of coming to us in pain to “fix” your spine.
If your last adjustment has been more than 4 months ago, why not give us a call for an appointment today.  You and your spine will be happy you did and we will be very happy to see you.

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